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We think of the sound reproduction chain as one system, where the speakers, the room and the desk work together as one.

Since no chain is stronger than its weakest link, we design all components in order to ensure the best performance of the system.

In a poorly treated room not even a perfectly designed speaker would give a satisfying result. Because of this we design rooms to be fully acoustically treated. We believe that once you are at it building a room, the effort and budget needed to cover all treatable surface area compared to just parts of it is negligible.

Once the room is treated properly, it’s justified to consider high quality speakers. Apart from being able to play the entire audible range at silly levels with minimal distortion, our speakers are designed to provide tight vertical directivity in order to avoid early reflections from the studio desk.

The two double 18” subwoofers' careful integration with the mid- and high sections effectively solves the common 100-150 Hz dip caused by the floor reflection.

Our desk is designed to be as small as possible in terms of acoustic footprint seen by the speakers. Because of this we can eliminate desk reflections, ensuring a stable stereo image free of coloration.

Jens Eklund

Jens Eklund



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